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LocalSin™ provides men and women of all sexual orientation with matchmaking & dating in their area, whatever the preferences are, we have it! Looking for a pan-sexual or a gay dating experience?
LocalSin™ is the place of choice.

Unlike other Paysites or Online Dating Sites, this unique patented, multi-platform network combines a light mobile app for Android and iPhone with several features, a mobile WebApp for all touchscreen phones, a website and a Facebook app for your convenience.

The LocalSin™ mobile app or WebApp can be accessed by inserting on to the phone's browser. It serves the same functions as the regular map and can be acquired without downloading. >

News You Can Use:

"PinPointsX really is the answer to so many of society's woes that I can't imagine why it has taken developers so long to come up with something so ingenious." -C|Net

"RIP Craigslist adult service. PinPointsX has some big shoes to fill, but you know what they say about big feet..." -New York Press

"No iPhone application illustrates this point better than PinPointsX, which amounts to having the answers to the final exam handed to you before you even bothered to study."- AskMen

"“Feeling a little blah these days? You need a shot of spice in your life – here are 10 ideas for getting a little bit naughty...use this to ‘pin point’ an erotic partner or locale. Think of it as hooking up 2.0 – it uses the GPS in your phone to find a potential hottie in your area..." - Betty Confidential

"give(s) users one place to handle all aspects of the pursuit of sexual happiness..." - Regina Lynn

"In the age of smartphones, booty 'call' has become a bit of a misnomer: for years now, we've been texting, emailing, and even Facebooking our way to romantic encounters. Now, there's yet one more high-tech way to help you score: an iPhone app, called PinPointsX..." - The Huffington Post

" matter where you are in the world you can boot up for your booty and get easy directions." - American Curves Magazine

American Curves Magazine - June 2010

"...cell phones are helpful when coordinating lascivious meet-ups with people you already know, but when it comes to random strangers they've long been relegated to the pockets of your "flashing trench". Until now, thanks to PinpointsX." - Thrillist

"PinpointsX (say it out loud) is like a concierge of underground desires—a map-based social network version of the unmentionables section of Craigslist." - Urban Daddy

"...a new iPhone application does all the heavy-lifting for you by pinpointing your nearest booty call." - Switched

"Hooking up has honestly never been this easy."

"PinpointsX is a smartphone app that cures loneliness." - Asylum

"...wouldn't you like your prospective suitors (or sex-ers) to tell you right away which one they are looking for"
- Datingish

"Using the PinPointsX mobile app user can hook with other users for a discreet rendezvous of his or her liking instead of the tedious old fashion method of club hopping and local bars. Its prime focus as it was stated in the presentation is geared towards woman needs."
- XCritic

"The singles bar isn't going away anytime soon, but [PPX-to-go] made it easier than ever to meet up quickly and get down to business with a like-minded partner."
-Los Angeles Times

"It’s a forward-thinking app for the horndog that is inside most of us college girls. Just remember that although they can guarantee you a hook-up, they can’t guarantee that he’ll remember your name in the morning"
-College Candy

"If we want an app that geo locates our area and then every bar, nightclub, hotel and massage parlour closest to us, PinPointsx is the one… it is the heterosexual Grindr for meeting up with complete strangers and f***ing them."

Why US?

LocalSin™ is the only adult social platform that has a location aware mobile app as well as a website application.

You have no competitors in this niche! LocalSin™ is getting a lot of mainstream media coverage reviews that you can use.

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